Writer, Director, Creator


I was born in Hamburg Germany, but experienced the expat life when my family moved to Taiwan as a kid.  We eventually returned to Germany where I finished my schooling. During the final years I got into pen and paper role-playing games (AD&D, Star Wars, Shadowrun, Stormbringer, Cyberpunk, Cthulhu). It was through this I gained a passion for storytelling. With my friends at the time we started creating our own filming for fun. I watching tonnes off movies and through the role-playing experience it lead me to the filmmaking world.

After studying law, I moved to Berlin with the desire to pursue filmmaker. I started by working as an assistant in commercial and non-commercial productions, before I headed out to produce my own films. In this process I got married and had two children and had to build a ‘bread and butter’ business in the real estate sector. I have still managed to find time to create the award winning Sci-fi Series Mission Backup Earth.

What I truly love in storytelling is the fascinating process of creating a unique story or completely new world for an audience to discover. Science Fiction is my preferred genre as it allows the imagination to run wild and I’m captivated by all space related themes especially human spaceflight and the exploration off strange new worlds.

Working on a production like Mission Backup Earth you encounter all manner of problems that need to be solved, crew, cast, time management, technology the whole process and creative method is a complex one when you are working mainly alone.

Currently I am looking for new projects and collaborations. The next idea, script, project, film is just a thought away.